Fog the Windows

art by Bre McDaniel

Fog the Windows
For a lot of my life I longed for the sort of partnership and companionship that I now have.  I am fortunate to have a life companion, a woman as mysterious to me as she is familiar, someone I sleep next to and live with, parent with, and go through all seasons of life with.  Together we are building something that is solid, supple, and always taking new shape.  As of this year we have been married for 11 years.  It is great, and it has been great.  It has also been hard, long, short, blissful, and grinding.  There is nothing like it and nothing I would rather be doing and no one I would want to share this life with.  

This song is about all of that.  

About love, about marriage.  About seasons of death and of life.  About unfathomable richness of traveling for seasons with another person.  About letting somethings die and discovering other things growing.  About the dance that relationship entails of intimacy, solitude, patience, demands, closeness and space.  About the need sometimes just to be held.  About the messages that culture pounds into you about ‘freedom’ and about the real freedom that seems to only come with chosen constraints.  About my own continuing awareness of the nature of true wealth and richness.  About my own tendency to forget all these lessons and fall for the simple and thin messages that I see or hear, and my good fortune to be with another who I can come back to and who takes me in.

I guess, I could just say that this is a love song to my wife.  

Fog the Windows

The old tree finally came down
The winter‘s been long and the winds were too strong
Now it’s spread all over the yard
But spring will make it a nurse log
New life will grow from it’s death shroud

life that will rise, rise all around

And though we are getting older
Our breath can still fog the car windows
On Friday night, on Friday night
but we can’t breathe together
if we don’t look at eachother
eye to eye, so look in my eyes

know this dance can only work if we hold loosely to eachothe
but tonight let’s come close and carry one another
for a while … let me hold you close

the movies would have me believe
the same as the songs and the magazines
that I should be free to do anything

but I am beginning to see
the shackles I chose are the keys
that fit the locks to all I need

still I fall for the tricks everytime
a glossy finish and some winning lines
are all it takes to render me blind
and then I come back to you
seeking forgiveness from you

once again, I’m sorry again

I know that I have wounded you, I know that you have suffered
I know that I got lost again in myself and in others
I know this dance can only work If I prove I can be trusted
so tonight please come close and let’s work on  what’s been busted
for awhile let me hold you close
for awhile let me hold you close
for awhile let me hold you close

words and music by Peter La Grand

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